All-encompassing expertise for unique projects

The Agiloe group’s raison d’être

Our Aim

We are here to provide expert multidisciplinary services and specialist knowledge of the real estate market and construction industry to meet your requirements, whatever your real estate project, wherever it may be, in France or elsewhere.

Our Added Value

We make your projects happen, by providing our expert analysis and advice enabling you to take strategic decisions and find the perfect balance between your objectives in terms of energy consumption, user comfort and cost control.

How We Proceed

Building sustainable partnerships with our clients, delivering innovating solutions and designing exemplary projects based around performance, risk management and enhancing the reputation of our clients.

Companies in the Agiloe group

Real Estate Project Management & Consulting

Auris has been specialising in real estate project engineering and consulting for over 25 years now, continually leveraging its organisational, environmental, technical, architectural and regulatory know-how. Perfectly familiar with public and private sector projects, its competence extending to new-builds and rehabilitation projects, Auris boasts in-depth expertise across the board.

Architecture & Interior Design

Citti is recognised as a leading interior designer, with particular experience in restaurant facilities, and a wealth of expertise in design and architectural project management for professional clients wishing to create places and spaces that will stand out. The technical, high-quality, high-performance architecture and programming services Citti provides are innovating and intelligent.

Construction Engineering & Consulting

An engineering group with offices spread across France, Synapse is widely recognised for its achievements in building design, across all building trades and professions and all sectors. Synapse also specialises in the overall project management of rehabilitation and renovation projects, especially with a view to optimising energy efficiency.

Building and industrial consultant engineers

Chaleas Ingénierie provides building services consulting and engineering solutions in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing for sanitary installations, all fluid and electrical services (power cabling and VDI cabling) and coordination of fire safety systems. Chaleas Ingénierie expertly manages any type of project, both new-builds and rehabilitations. From initial surveys to completion of works, Chaleas Ingénierie is skilled in all engineering and technology-based intellectual services related to project management and consultant engineering. Chaleas Ingénierie also provides consultancy services and expertise in the domain of energy management.

Contact Chaleas

📞 33 (0) 3 85 48 22 54

Real Estate Project Management and Consulting

Auris AURA offers solutions in project management and assistance to project owners for all your new-build and refurbishment projects: offices, residential and buildings designed to be open to the public. We can be involved from the initial feasibility stage right up until the defects liability guarantee expires and our role can cover project design and performance of works, including: coordination of design studies and project economics, management of the performance of works and supervision, management and coordination. The added value provided by Auris AURA lies in being receptive to and expertly defending the interests of our clients, responsiveness, and our ability to adapt and propose strong solutions.

Contact Auris AURA

📞 33 (0) 6 85 39 84 41

Our History


In 1976, BEM Ingénierie is founded The firm provides fluid mechanical and structural engineering consultancy services. In 2004, it becomes Synapse Construction.


Auris is founded, and a division providing assistance to project owners is opened. The project management division is created in 1998.


Citti is founded in 1997.


The Agiloe group is formed, made up of the three companies: Synapse Construction, Auris and Citti.

We bring success to your projects, however ambitious

Strong leaders who know the value of team spirit and seamless communication

The latest digital tools ensure optimum management

Commitment, zeal and outstanding performance

Our expertise, creativity and innovation guarantee the success of your real estate projects.

The Agiloe group is rigorous and exacting, with a view to :

  • Guaranteeing efficiency

  • Taking on challenges, however complex

  • Managing risks

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