Our expertise, creativity and innovation guarantee the success of your real estate projects

Wide-Ranging Skills

Project Management

Assistance to Project Owners

Site Management

Real Estate Strategy

Overall Strategies

Project Organisation

Management Support Tools

Methods and Procedures

Aid and Advice to Tenants

Development Management Contracts and Off-Plan Projects

Management Contractorship

Change Management

Technical, Administrative and Financial Consulting

Risk Prevention and Management

Construction Management

BIM Ready

Project Economics

Coordination of Design Studies

Works Management

Mock-Up and Prototype Coordination

Scheduling, Management and Coordination

Quality Assurance


Building Engineering

Design Calculations and Simulations

Checking Compliance with Standards

Data Interpretation

Sizing, Costs and Yields

Comprehensive Expertise in Fluid Mechanics

Thermal Studies

Structural Studies

Environmental Performance

Architecture & Design

From the Design Phase through to the Building Permit

Marketing Design

Space Planning, Capacity Studies



Design, Decoration

Interior Design

Staff Restaurants

Projects involving occupied sites

Wide-Ranging Expertises



Understanding the challenges inherent in each project, encouraging dialogue, managing change


Cost estimates, budget control, commitment to a fixed fee


Expertise, tracking, sustainability of projects


Team management, conflict management, mediation


Securement of contracts, risk management, expertise and advice

Innovation, R&D

Technology tracking, development of new tools

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